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Since partnering with PRO, our days on books have dropped by 32% and we are very comfortable with the experience level of the radiation oncology division. Our client manager is very familiar with the ins and outs of the industry. In addition to our client meetings and monthly reports, she is also happy to provide custom reports if needed. We are impressed with PRO’s transparency and communication—-we meet with our client manager every six weeks at our request.  Since switching, our group has seen improvement in collections and the client management team is very responsive to our needs. We would recommend PRO to any group looking for excellent client service.”

A five member PA based group, PRO client since 2013


“Since coming on board with PRO, we have realized the importance of a dedicated client service manager and team of employees. The lines of communication are always open and with a heightened sense of responsiveness. Thanks to their efforts, we have experienced better performance and are very happy with the results.”

— A five member NJ based group, PRO client since 2014


“We started working with PRO in 2004. We transitioned to electronic billing at that time, and have had incredible turnaround time in billing and collections. We also like the ability to track charges, patient data, and evaluate billing certain CPT codes. I doubt that other practices have PRO’s ability to bill so effectively. We have personalized service and great relationships with PRO’s client service representatives. I absolutely recommend them highly and with no reservations.”

— A nine member DE, PA and MD based group, PRO client since 2004