About Medusind

Since our founding in 1997, our focus has been on developing the best people, processes and technology. This innovative approach enables our company to offer billing services for collecting the money your practice has rightfully earned.

 We ensure that claims go out clean the first time.  The keys to our success are:

  • Revenue Return:  Our team averages approximately 30 days.
  • Clean Claims Rate:  We produce a rate of 95%
  • Net Collections:  We achieve a strong collections rate in the mid-90th percentile.
  • Current Days in A/R:  Our 0-30 aging bucket breakdown is consistently around 70%, which is a targeted benchmark.
  • Monthly Client Meetings:  In-person client meetings are held monthly, or as requested by the client.
  • Communication:  In-between client meetings, there is frequent phone or email communication for a clear understanding of services rendered and optimal collections on those services.

Our Team has decades of expertise in areas such as:

  • Practice management
  • Data quality control
  • Information technology
  • Data management/analytics
  • Corporate training
  • A/R
  • Insurance reimbursement
  • Contracting
  • E-payment posting
  • Patient collections
  • Provider enrollment
  • Eligibility verifications