Medical Billing

Navigating the complex requirements for radiation oncology billing can be a daunting prospect, but with PRO’s premier RCM service, you’ll have the benefit of knowing your revenue stream is flowing optimally. A leader in rad onc billing, PRO offers clients unsurpassed service and demonstrated results in taking your medical billing to the next level. We use the expertise of our highly skilled staff and proprietary, world-class software to ensure you receive every reimbursement dollar you are due.

Established in 1997, PRO has helped more than 500 providers improve administrative performance while reducing administrative costs and boosting cash flow. When you trust your medical billing services to PRO, your account will be handled by experienced professionals who understand radiation oncology and have the knowledge to manage all aspects of your revenue cycle management.

Radiation therapy billing

Keeping up with the demands of a rapidly evolving healthcare industry is one of our specialties. We know that maximizing your collections while maintaining compliance is a challenging undertaking. Our medical billing services for radiation oncology lift the burdens of revenue management, giving you the resources to focus on excellent clinical care. With PRO patient and insurance collections will be improved through front and back-end optimizations that will reduce your number of denied claims.

Our team of radiation therapy billing specialists, radiation oncology coders and patient care representatives complement our high-tech software, helping you simplify your practice while reducing expenses. Take advantage of our comprehensive medical billing services that include the following capabilities:

Claims submission management: Using our cutting-edge rad onc billing system, PRO ensures all claims are verified and accurate before submission. Our integrated platform also features automated delinquency tracking and collections. Daily electronic claims are processed to Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and all commercial carriers, and online claims editing and same day carrier response are available.

Reimbursement optimization: We’ll reduce your percentage of denied and underpaid claims by actively overseeing accounts and working with carriers to ensure every claim meets compliance standards for adjudication and is reimbursed in full. Our streamlined radiation therapy billing system and web-based reporting means you have full access to your account, 24/7.

Claims follow-up, denial resolution and collections: Being proactive is key to your financial success, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.  Claims are sometimes denied, even when submitted correctly. Our reimbursement specialists will collaborate with carriers to investigate potential errors, so that claims are appealed and resolved in a timely manner for maximum payment. And our system alerts staff to any unpaid or undervalued claims, so we can take the necessary steps early in the collection process.

An advanced solution for your medical billing needs: PRO offers much more than your standard revenue cycle management services. Uniting our radiation oncology expertise with sophisticated technology, we provide a fully integrated solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Many practices lose significant income through underpaid claims without even knowing it. PRO loads your expected carrier reimbursements into our system so we know how much should be reimbursed for a particular service. By aggressively pursuing outstanding claims, we’ll add more revenue to your bottom line. After all, you’re entitled to the money you’ve earned.

Multiple advantages of PRO

Outsourced medical billing services don’t have to come with an exorbitant price tag. Our cost effective radiation oncology billing system guarantees you’ll cut administrative costs while securing prompt reimbursements. Reap the financial rewards of our revenue cycle experts whose main goal is increasing your profits. By choosing PRO you are partnering with a company that offers outstanding collections performance, letting you spend more time on patient care.

With PRO you can expect:

  • Personalized service, industry knowledge and innovative technology to reduce cost and improve cash flow
  • Detailed collections analysis through PRO’s Einstein Reporting Xpert™ (PERX), delivering A/R, financial, clinical, and productivity data
  • Automated treatment profiles to eliminate unbilled or lost charges
  • An integrated billing process that supports accurate, timely claims submission
  • A monthly, on-site performance review with an account manager
  • Provider credentialing
  • Proactive staff that help you stay compliant with the latest healthcare mandates
  • Transparency of all collection operations through detailed reports
  • A company whose staff is constantly improving their skills and knowledge to maintain high standards and our reputation as a trusted business partner
  • A radiation oncology billing specialist that is committed to quality customer service and helping you maintain maximum collection rates.

Call today to set up your new medical billing platform, and begin enjoying the benefits of a working with PRO – a leading, innovative rad onc billing company that will transform the way your practice handles its business.