At PRO, we screen for compliance on a daily basis as we review and monitor all charges for clients for any overuse or underuse of charges.  PRO operates consistently with compliance awareness. As discrepancies arise, a flag goes up immediately and we subsequently reach out directly to the sites; physicists, dosimetrists, technicians and physicians to ensure accurate charge capture.  PRO promotes matching supporting clinical documentation for all services rendered. Our experienced team of professionals takes care of billing compliance requirements so you can take care of what matters most- your patients. We are not satisfied with less than full billing compliance that results in proper reimbursement for your practice.

rad onc female doctor2To maintain perfect compliance with all applicable rules, PRO follows a strict protocol including:

  • Internal Policies: PRO reduces the prospect of errors and wrongdoing committed on behalf of your practice by ensuring that our team follows internal procedures that promote and enforce the highest standards of excellence. Your practice has a dedicated team that exercises due diligence by following specific nuances which monitors any noncompliant activities in respect to proper charge capture and claim adjudication. Our staff is also provided with continuing education and briefing as soon as any changes in billing and coding become known.
  • Designated Compliance Officer: Each account receives the benefit of a designated compliance officer who will answer to the account holder and personally oversee medical billing compliance.
  • Client Meetings: Monthly practice meetings with your Client Manager include a review of all applicable billing and coding updates.