Reimbursement Optimization

rad onc consulting companyAt PRO, our team can help you maximize your collections and meet compliance regulations. Let us streamline your practice, reduce unnecessary overheads, and appeal denials or underpaid claims, so that you can focus on providing the highest standard of clinical care.

Reimbursement management demands intimate knowledge of a range of sectors:

  • Insurance. Our comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of insurance practices and protocols, industry-wide are proprietary. We understand how these practices and protocols affect both the care administered in your facility, as well as payer contracting and negotiating.  Our denial management and payment accuracy solutions put us in command of the shortcomings of insurance company adjudications.
  • Rules & Regulations. Continuous coding and payment updates require systemic monitoring of accounts and proactive communication to ensure out providers services are paid in full, and in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Education. Ongoing training in order to maintain the highest possible understanding of new health legislation, including up-to-date knowledge of Medicaid and Medicare regulations and insurance company guidelines.


When reimbursement management is entrusted to PRO, the process of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) begins with the first point of contact with the patient and continues through final payment of your accounts receivable. Our infrastructure allows for constant account maintenance that automatically updates throughout the treatment period. As a result, your practice avoids the hassle of unnecessary delays or gaps in payment.